July 31, 2016

Floral Kimono

Ah it's good to be home! I'm back from a trip to the south of France with my batteries recharged and ready to rock out!

July 22, 2016

A white summer dress

Oh how good it feels to say that I'm on holiday! I stopped in my hometown for a few days before heading to the South of France and trust me, it's extremely warm out here. So warm you don't feel like doing anything... not even moving.

July 20, 2016

The case of the blue skater skirt

I have a love-hate relationship with skater skirts. I love the way they look... But not on me. They make me feel like I've put on 5kg instantly and needless to say, they're not the most practical thing to wear.

July 17, 2016


Finally my first summer outfit post has arrived... and we're already in the middle of July. Better late than never, right?

July 14, 2016

The boyfriend shirt

Among the clothes a girl can steal from her boyfriend, shirts are probably top of the list. In theory. In real life, most of us are either too short, too skinny or too big compared to them to wear their actual clothes. However, that doesn't mean we can't adopt the boyfriend style. All it takes is to shop the men's section. To be honest, I even prefer that option as you can pick the exact fit you want.

July 10, 2016

Good old basics

I don't think I have ever been this tired my whole life. I have to admit that going to work, working on my PhD, daily chores, running all sorts of errands and keeping a social life all at once is already quite exhausting therefore, blogging was out of the picture for a while. Luckily, I will be on vacation soon and even if my plans are still vague, I have no doubt it will do me good.