Floral Kimono

Ah it's good to be home! I'm back from a trip to the south of France with my batteries recharged and ready to rock out!

Just before leaving, I had to have a little shopping spree to enjoy the least days of sales and update my beach wardrobe. I like boho looks in the summer but I try to stay on the budget side considering I spend most of my time on the beach and in the water. You don't wanna ruin fancy clothes do you? It's how I found this floral kimono at Kiabi and it's perfect for when it gets a little chilly or windy in the evening.


C'est bon de rentrer chez soi! Je rentre d'un petit séjour dans le Sud avec mes batteries rechargées et prête à tout déchirer!

Juste avant de partir, je me devais de faire une petite virée shopping pour profiter des derniers jours des soldes et renouveler ma garde robe de plage. J'aime plutôt les looks bohème en été mais j'essaye de rester du coté des prix mini vu que je passe la plupart de mon temps sur la plage ou dans l'eau. Qui voudrait ruiner des fringues de luxe? C'est comme ça que j'ai trouvé ce kimono floral chez Kiabi et il est parfait quand l'air se rafraîchit ou le vent se lève le soir.

Kimono: Kiabi
Shorts: DIY
Top: Asos
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Balenciaga
Women's Beige Floral Kimono, White Tank, Blue Denim Shorts, White Low Top Sneakers on Lookastic: Beige Floral Kimono, White Tank, Blue Denim Shorts, White Low Top Sneakers


  1. Love this kimono! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


  2. wow that tan tho!!! 💁🍸🌴 #jealousyintensifies

    1. Just you wait that's only 5/10 on my tan scale... And I have more vacay in 2 weeks 😎

    2. Your teint is ❤️ just like the first time i saw it on a foto 4 years ago with you and timo aka beachba and vampirmo and too many other names we proposed to him at work. Oh he hated it 👌🏽😄
      I think we have similar skintone only that i'm already at 8/10 when at your 5/10 😀
      What sun lotion do you use? I changed from a LSF 25 to 30 this summer and so far the tan is smooth
      My go to lait solaire is Biotherm, it smells like beach and absorbed as quick as you can count to 5.
      For aftersun it's mostly the generic ones of Douglas 😚

    3. HAHA! I shouldn't say that... but I don't use lotion except for sensitive areas such as the tip of my nose. They protect you for no more than an hour anyway so I just avoid the sun at the "bad hours". If I need after sun I'd just go for plain Aloe Vera :)


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