August 28, 2016

The mom jeans return

I can't believe September is already here! Just a few days ago I was still soaking up the sun in France and Monday seemed lightyears away. Times flies fast. Luckily the weather in Belgium has been kind enough to let me enjoy some more beach time in Ostend which made the transition much easier to cope with.

August 25, 2016

A poncho and a dog

I'm on my way back from my other vacation in France as I'm writing this post and even if coming back home feels sort of nice, it's hard to accept I will go back to work on Monday.

August 13, 2016

Coats and jackets

I gotta say, whenever I see pictures of summer outfits on Instagram or on other blogs, I get a little bit jealous. I know Belgium is not renowned for its brilliant weather but having had only a few days of sun this year was particularly rough.

August 9, 2016

My boyfriend tee

I have three main interests: science, food and fashion. One would think those have nothing in common but in reality, they share one characteristic: creativity.

August 7, 2016

My brown lace top

Nothing screams boho more than a lace top and clearly, I wouldn't risk it at the office but as soon as the weekend is here, I would throw one on. If the weather is good enough that is... or if I'm at the beach!

August 4, 2016

The rockstud lookalikes

I have been obsessed with the Valentino rocketed shoes for so long that I can't believe I still haven't bought  a pair yet. Wether they're pumps or sandals, I love them! If I had all the money in the world, I would probably own a pair in every color... aaaand back to reality.