My brown lace top

Nothing screams boho more than a lace top and clearly, I wouldn't risk it at the office but as soon as the weekend is here, I would throw one on. If the weather is good enough that is... or if I'm at the beach!

I'm counting the days until I go back on vacation but for the first time in my life, I don't get to prepare myself for it. You know, barbecues, sitting at the terrace of a café, sunbathing or simply rosé in the sun... all those things that put you in the vacation mood before you're even there. This time, the transition is brutal.

I guess it's why, subconsciously, I pick outfits that remind me of holidays like this top paired with denim cutoffs and my Sam Edelman sandals that I actually wore a lot while I was in the South of France.


Rien n'est plus bohème qu'un top en dentelle et il est clair que je ne tenterais pas au boulot mais dès que le weekend arrive, j'en porte. Si la météo le permet... ou si je suis à la mer!

Je compte les jours avant de repartir en vacances mais pour la première fois de ma vie, je ne peux pas m'y préparer. Vous savez, les barbec', les coups en terrasse, faire bronzette ou simplement un petit rosé au soleil... toutes ces choses qui nous mettent dans le bain avant même d'être partis. Cette fois, la transition est brutale.

Je pense que c'est pour ça qu'inconsciemment, je choisis des tenues qui me rappellent la plage comme ce haut avec un short en jean et mes sandales Sam Edelman que j'ai beaucoup portés pendant mon séjour dans le sud.

 Top: Pinkie
Shorts: La Redoute
Bag: Mulberry
Women's Brown Lace Short Sleeve Blouse, Light Blue Denim Shorts, Beige Leather Flat Sandals, Brown Leather Crossbody Bag on Lookastic: Brown Lace Short Sleeve Blouse, Light Blue Denim Shorts, Beige Leather Flat Sandals, Brown Leather Crossbody Bag Sandals: Sam Edelman


  1. Sandals are so damn cute! How comfortable are they walking on hard ground from 1 to 10 or do you have any Prada or Miu Miu Sandals and can compare?
    I'm flying to Florida for a week and need to get Sandals ��

    1. I'd say they're as comfortable as non birkenstock sandals can be and didn't hurt my feet at all. I never really noticed a difference anyway. I've hard very expensive ones that turned out terrible and vice versa. i haven't tried Prada or Miu Miu though.
      And Florida? I'm jelly AF but it's hurricane season! be careful

    2. Thank you! I will try Edelmans and see, have to shop before Florida. And you need some Prada and Miu Miu Sandals asap, i will see to it ��
      We will be north of Jacksonville at Amelia Island. There can't be a Hurricane when i'm there, i deserved this goddamnit!!!! �� �� ☀️

    3. When I look outside, I think what I need is a pair of rain proof boots :(


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