The mom jeans return

I can't believe September is already here! Just a few days ago I was still soaking up the sun in France and Monday seemed lightyears away. Times flies fast. Luckily the weather in Belgium has been kind enough to let me enjoy some more beach time in Ostend which made the transition much easier to cope with.

At least this won't be my last summer outfit this year... and it's an actual outfit, unlike the shorts and tee-shirt combos I've been wearing for the last three weeks. This time, both the crop top and mom jeans are vintage, straight from my mother's closet.


Je n'arrive pas à croire que septembre pointe déjà le bout de son nez! Il y a seulement quelques jours, je me dorais encore la pilule en France et Lundi semblait être des années lumières. Le temps passe vite. Heureusement, la météo en Belgique a été clémente et j'ai pu aller profiter de la plage à Ostende ce qui a rendu la transition plus supportable.

Au moins, ceci ne sera pas mon dernier look d'été... et c'est une véritable tenue contrairement aux shorts et tee-shirts que j'ai pu porter ces trois dernières semaines. Cette fois, le mom jean et le crop top sont vintage, sortis tout droit du placard de ma mère.

Top: Vintage
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Eram
Bag: Hermes


  1. Kitzinger8/30/2016

    Looking great alba !!!! But now the 1990s nostalgie is back in my head ��

    1. Well the 90's were great weren't they? I deffo miss being a kid

    2. Kitzinger8/31/2016

      I miss everything but mostly blowing in the Nintendo casettes so the damn Games would work ������
      Some Fashion too like the grungey jeans and leather looks. I'm getting ideas now and i should have saved my early 1990s magazines! Mist!


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