April 25, 2017

Shop your closet

I enjoy fashion, but I don't feel like spending a fortune buying dozens of clothes I will wear once or twice. I know lately, I've been sounding very greedy but it's just that seeing one of my co-workers wearing brand new outfits almost every day (and probably spending half her salary on Asos and Zalando) made me think a lot.

April 15, 2017

More mom jeans

Last week, I fell for this pair of mom jeans from Bershka with a cut that's more fitted than my 501's. I'm wearing it with an old pink blazer from the French brand Naf Naf, a white wrap blouse and my loyal Jimmy Choo's in a perfect for work outfit.

April 9, 2017


I can't believe how good the weather was during the weekend. Not a single cloud in the sky! I finally got to wear the vintage flamingo dress I bought at the Brussels Vintage Market last month and I love everything about it.

April 5, 2017

5 vegan bags that won't make you look like a sprout eating hippie

The past few weeks, I spent a lot of time exploring the world of vegan brands and I must admit that I was often disappointed by the goods they offered, especially design-wise but luckily there are a few bags out there that have nothing to envy from their leather counterparts. Here is my selection and I confess I'm probably gonna end up buying them all.


Ces dernières semaines j'ai passé énormément de temps à explorer le monde des marques vegan et je dois dire que très souvent, j'ai été déçue par les produits proposés mais heureusement il existe des sacs qui n'ont rien à envier à leurs homologues en cuir. Voici ma selection et je vous avoue que je vais très certainement tous finir par me les offrir.

LaBante - Kensington

Alexandra K - Sophie

Stella McCartney - Falabella box

Gunas - What's knot to love

picture credits: Google

April 4, 2017

Budget blogging

There is this misconception about the cost of fashion blogging and how every blogger out there has a huge wardrobe full of the latest designer goods. In reality, it's perfectly possible to keep your blog alive without breaking the bank.